Interesting Content understand what is needed to create the best content! Thank you for being the passionate, creative team I’ve come to love! P.s. – our prank worked amazingly!

– Global Comms Director, Cheapflights

The Challenge…

When online travel site cheapflights wanted to create something special for April Fools’ Day, they came to Interesting Content.

They challenged us to create something that would make people chuckle, stand out from the crowd and promote their wide range of low-cost flights. All at the same time. Easy, right?

Oh yes, and we only had 7 days to do it. eek! The


We came up with an idea of setting up a pretend airline partner for cheapflights, called Hipster Air. Then we’d promote Hipster Air’s launch within an inch of its life!

We put together a huge digital campaign for Hipster Air, then helped cheapflights to reach out to travel bloggers, journalists and prominent influencers in the travel industry.

The Result…

You could say our little joke hit its mark. Hipster Air was named Prank of the Day by the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, ITV News and The Drum. It was also featured in Next Web, Gizmodo, The Londonist and a whole bunch of travel industry publications.

Traffic to cheapflights increased by 5 figures, and engagement on social media went through the roof. All in all, a pranking success. I’m still waiting for my Hipster Air tickets to arrive though.


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